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Puerta del Norte

Puerta del Norte - Location

Extraordinary location

Its location allows the distribution in one day to the Border Towns, Seaports and Mayor Cities of Mexico.

Puerta del Norte

Excellent Interstate Access

Adjacent to two mayor roads in the area, allows our customers access to the most important network of freight of NAFTA.

Puerta del Norte

Facilities & Build-to-suit Projects

Puerta del Norte has available industrial buildings and sites for the development of Build-to-suit facilities, all within a fully developed industrial complex.

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Puerta del Norte

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Integrated railway service
Available to all tenants, allowing you to maximize delivery and shipping operations by train.

Puerta del Norte is the only industrial park with rail service in the Northeast region of Mexico, connected to the main seaports and border towns in the country by two Class A railroads (Ferromex & KCSM). 2.8 miles (4.5 km) of rail infrastructure built on the property.

The railroads that surround Puerta del Norte, allow direct access to the facilities and facilitate fluency in the entry and exit of goods.

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Puerta del Norte
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