Basic infrastructure

  • Water: In addition to the municipal supply by means of two pipes of 2” and 8” respectively, we have an elevated tank for distribution with capacity of 100 m³ and own water well.
  • Storm drain: account with drainage network perfectly calculated to give service and download to all types of natural events.
  • Sanitary drainage: we have two wastewater treatment plants which recovery of water is used for irrigation of green areas.
  • Electrical substation: own and exclusive use of Puerta del Norte of 12.5 MVA
  • Telecommunications: Distribution network for telecommunications, with 5 ducts of 2” diameter.
  • Lighting: LED lamps in roads and exterior common areas.

General services

  • Security: Private man guard and monitoring CCTV 24/7 throughout the year.
  • Perimeter wall: 9 ft. height (3 m.)
  • Access: 3 access points controlled and reinforced with bollards and security barriers.
  • CCTV: 16 cameras strategically distributed within the complex.


  • Available areas: from 8,591 ft² (3,379.0 m²)  to 306,774.0 ft²  (28,500.0 m²)
  • Clear height: 32.8 ft (10.0 m)
  • Loading platforms: with mechanical levelers of 30,000 lb. capacity.
  • Floor: 6.6” (17 cm) thick concrete floor.
  • Truck Court: Asphalt surface 4” thick.
  • Structure: Metal columns & cover sheet KR18 CAL 24 with 3” glass-fiber pad. Distance between columns 49.21 ft. (15 m.)
  • Exterior Wall: Hebel ACC4 panel.
  • Lighting: 3% of natural lighting & fluorescent lamps type T5.
  • Energy: three-phase pedestal type transformer up to 200 KVA.
  • Ventilation 18’ (46cm) by gravity
  • Rail service: 2.8 miles (4.5km) of railway infrastructure within the property.


  • Main Access: four-lane roads, 17cm thick hydraulic concrete MR45 Type.
  • Secondary roads: with 10cm thick asphalt finish.


  • Covered: 16.3 Acres (6.6 has) of industrial buildings with possibility for growth up to 30.45 Acres (12.32 has)
  • Open storage: 2 Acres (0.8has) store open with possibility of growth to 16 Acres (6.5 has)